¿Sabes su información sobre cultura, historia y mitología?

¿Sabes su información sobre cultura, historia y mitología?

A WebQuest for 12th Grade (Spanish 4)

Designed by

Sean Newton


Standard 1.3: Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.


The students will use PowerPoint to present a Spanish folktale or myth that is centered on a Spanish country or culture.


Imagine this; You are an archeologist professor that specializes in South America and Spain!  You remember that you have studied some Spanish legends and myths in some of you lectures.  Now, with the help of your teacher’s assistant, and using the information that you have learned, it is time for some research!  With this research you will be able to pick at least one Spanish legend or myth and be able to tell the story and be able to answer questions that your students have about your topic choice.  Remember that your topic must be located in a Spanish speaking country in South America!

The Task

After your class is done, your students should be able to understand and retain simple things about your lecture.  To help them with their understanding, please make a Power Point that contains a detailed summary or a study guide that the students can see and copy down into their notebooks.
The Process

To accomplish your task follow these steps:

  • First you will be broken up into pairs of twos.
  • Pick one student to be the professor, and one to be the teacher’s assistant.
  • The professor will do a fair majority of the talking while the assistant will work on the PowerPoint.  If the professor wishes to take a break from talking the assistant may take over the lecture.
  • Using the websites listed below, pick a myth or a legend and begin your research.







  • You may use other websites as long as you cite at least three of the websites listed above
  • The other websites that you use are to be SCHOOL APPORPRIATE, and must have RELEVENT INFORMATION.
  • After you pick a myth or Legend that is centered around a Spanish county, start to work on the power point.
  • The PowerPoint should have at least seven slides consisting of a title page, and your citations.  Also include as many photos as you can in the Power Point.
  • For your Citations page, please include at least three citations, and cite them correctly.  In the case of Plagiarism, the whole group will receive a grade of zero for the whole assignment.
  • After you are done with the PowerPoint, you should start to practice for your presentation.
  • Remember that your presentation is COMPLETELY in Spanish.
  • Write a one page paper with only bullet points that you can use to help you with your presentation, I will check this!
  • Give your presentation!
  • For your presentation you have between 10-15 minutes.
  • Good Luck!


This rubric will tell you exactly how you are graded and why.










Directions followed:

The students followed directions completely

The students followed most of the directions but missed or skipped 1-2 areas of the directions.

The students had trouble following the directions and missed at least 3-4 areas of the directions.

The students had trouble following the directions and missed more than 4 areas of the directions.


Does the PowerPoint meet the standards stated?

The PowerPoint is not missing any of the standards and is has the needed information.

Some of the information may be missing on the slide, or not enough information is given.

Very little information is shown in your PowerPoint.  The information is not cited.

None of the PowerPoint slides meet the standards stated above with the exception of your information.


Where did your information come from

At least three of the websites listed above are used.  More research was conducted and cited.

At least two of the websites and additional information was found and cited.

At least one of the websites listed above were used.  Little or no additional information was found or cited.

None of the websites listed were used, with little or no additional information found or cited.

Class attention:

Did the class pay attention to your lecture?

You have your students complete focus.

The main focus of the class is on you but some motivation is lacking.

At least half of the class finds you topic to be interesting and pays attention.

Little to none of the class is able to keep focus on your presentation.


By The end of this class, your students should be able to recall at least one Spanish folktale or myth.  Maybe you, as a professor may give them a small quiz to see if the class was paying attention to your lecture.

Credits & References

Credit goes to WebQuest for letting me use this template page, rubric included.

Credit goes to the ATFL website where the standard was taken from.